The New Range Rover Unveiled in Laos at Exclusive Event

Event date: 15/ 07/ 2022
Venue: Jaguar Land Rover Lao Showroom

Jaguar Land Rover Laos unveiled the New Range Rover at the Lao National Convention Hall in Vientiane Capital on 15 July.

The event was opened by Mr. Wayne McIntosh, Automotive Managing Director, and Mr. Biju Narayanan, General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Lao, in the presence of government officials and dignitaries.
The modern technology and capabilities of the New Range Rover were represented by Mrs. Outhith Siphandone, Sales Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Lao.

The New Range Rover is the original luxury SUV and has led by example for 50 years, combining serene comfort and composure with all-conquering capability. The New Range Rover is the most desirable yet, effortlessly combining breathtaking modernity and aesthetic grace with technological sophistication and seamless connectivity, yet retaining the uniqueness of Land Rover to ensure every trip is full of fun and happiness.

In Laos, a full-service Land Rover distributorship began operating in 2009 with a knowledgeable team of experts to advise and offer support, with Jaguar being added into the mix in 2013.

The uptake in the Lao market seems very promising, as you can see on the road, Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are dominating in the market segment. We have sold over 1200 vehicles so far and we expect to capture even more of the premium market share in the future.”

Attendees were impressed by the luxurious design, modern technology, and driving ability of the New Range Rover, enjoying a special atmosphere at the event with live jazz music and contemporary dance performance also special dishes by Chef Michelin, the winner of MICHELIN Guide Young Chef Award, the award that received almost as much attention as the Star revelations to create a special level of excellence and sophistication. The event was considered a great success due to the good response from customers and many customers are interested in The New Range Rover.

Experience the truly first class on the New Range Rover can be booked directly with the Jaguar Land Rover Lao showroom. You can be assured of product quality and after-sales service when you buy a car from a retailer only because we only give you the best, said the General Manager of Jaguar Land Rover Laos.